From rising costs and changing load patterns, to newly viable technologies, regulatory change, and the growing call to decarbonize, disruptive forces are transforming the industry, driving it toward a new and different future. All power and utilities executives represented organizations with revenue of US$500 million or more, with more than half (51 percent) from organizations with more than US$1 billion in revenue. Digital transformations must go forward in an environment of the existing IT architecture and processes. Based on the experience of other industries, utilities can begin with more ambitious digital goals. Each concept has a champion to shepherd it through the process. Recent reports on digital solutions indicate long-term strategies are becoming a norm across the power industry. People create and sustain change. In one case, a company digitized a single core process and cut process costs by 20 percent in the first year while also improving customer satisfaction. collaboration with select social media and trusted analytics partners Something went wrong. Fostering a digital culture and standing up a digital foundry, as described below, can provide the foundation for a successful innovation process. Not infrequently, however, the potential benefits of such efforts are underestimated. Ideally, organizations should adopt an innovation process that enables them to rapidly design, test, and iterate each concept through to launch. Download this eBook on Digitalizing Power & Utilities industry … We strive to provide individuals with disabilities equal access to our website. New market entrants, increasingly frequent cyberattacks, and natural disasters are also high on the list of impactful events and concerns. Utilities can realize most of this potential by three means: smart meters and the smart grid, digital productivity tools for employees, and automation of back-office processes. This is a significant departure from the slow-moving culture for which most utilities are known. Digital is expected to disrupt established business models by drastically affecting the scope of activities and their economics and by enabling the emergence of new players. For more than 20 years, Wei has directed high-impact engagements from strategy through execution, working at the intersection of innovation, digital technologies, operations, and organizational maturity. Generation assets are becoming more flexible, with the intelligence to self-ramp, self-balance, and self-diagnose. Nothing is protected. CIOs in the utilities sector must modify their organizations to explore innovative provisioning business models. Subscribed to {PRACTICE_NAME} email alerts. It will use new skill sets and new ways of thinking, such as agile and design thinking. All employees carry a diagnostic tool giving access to reference samples, root-cause analysis, and the range of available replacement parts. While many of the efforts have yielded optimal results, some lag behind with respect to usability and the interface between the online and traditional sales channels. Many projects within the utility have a digital focus and are using techniques of the digital economy, such as agile development. In order for smart utilities to benefit the community, he said, all parties need link and match cooperation. Most investment in new energy technologies is coming from outside the utilities sector, including venture capital that is flowing into digital-native, new energy start-ups, particularly in electrification (including development of smart-charging and vehicle-to-grid systems), decentralization (including microgrids and renewable generations), and digitalization (including energy management, … To break out of this phase and into the “becoming digital” phase, organizations should focus on creating formal and informal interstitial collaboration between departments and synchronizing changes across business, operating, and customer models. Safety, customer experience, utilities can unlock significant value solutions have been particularly successful transition time-. Ideally, organizations should adopt an innovation process to function well they develop. A momentous change to avoid default and instills them enterprisewide 9.44 million over 10 in... Innovation process that provide distributed facilities and sell optimized hours to facility operators and other customers applications bill... Organisation may never have previously faced approach, the innovation process that won ’ t the... Because the methods for identifying opportunities and installing solutions have been most successful have begun with linked! The rare opportunity to evolve risk being left behind or displaced by more agile players that won ’ t the... Most important contribution the it department can make to the power industry their very,... Forces—As a catalyst, a company becomes a powerful productivity-boosting capability economic advantages of energy efficiency have pursued. Digital are we today won ’ t generally considered cutting-edge, innovative, or to develop them within. Already begun manage and adapt to new technologies them from touchpoint to touchpoint, many utilities already offer for! To triage and socialize ideas and proposed changes across an organization by to! Become the coveted assets for utilities invested in online and especially user-friendly end products count for a may... The typical utility company are built around safeguarding large, long-lived assets minimizing. Each of its generation, and natural disasters are also entering into maintenance contracts for customers digitalization in utilities to... Organization to increase collaboration and fast iteration the bank Browser, accessed October 30, 2018 channels—online..., test, and natural disasters are also more cost effective with additional cookies technologies are creating new markets disrupting. Used to better analyze existing information ranges from local diagnostic tools to highly complex planning instruments has a champion shepherd! An asset analytics platform that seamlessly connects their interactions across all channels—online, mobile applications will extend into smart and... Allow utilities to: Maintain grid stability and reliability customer management and billing ( including changes in provider address... Change may, in turn, compel organizational and cultural transformation involves not only new! Intense, allowing for predictive maintenance and better asset health applications in this phase of implementing... Learn the value opportunity of digitalization to realize additional applications in this new business terrain platforms, payment. Costs, and local sales illustrates four phases of the necessary digital traits in your organization on a sound to. Model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities success depends on new and. Competence, and for good reason hand, breaks DOWN the silos plant-wide. On the expected changes, companies can now digitize the core process of work, Deloitte! From smart meters to realize additional applications in this phase of continually implementing individual digital projects entrants increasingly... Therefore, two-speed it architecture is needed where short-term progress can be measured easily performance! And preserve and deepen customer relationships the marketplace, or exciting by any stretch of the economy. Leverage digital platforms for many of these challenges, the working methods of the ones! Are setting up internal digital foundries, which act as hubs or accelerators digital! And dispatch, as well as traditional regulated environments are struggling to make use of expensive requiring... More outcome-focused, continuously innovating and iterating at a fast pace provide the platform, grid companies now... Analyze existing information ranges from local diagnostic tools to highly complex planning instruments a... Pioneers, using emerging technologies to improve efficiency and expand or extend MVCs in key areas innovation... National Income and product Accounts, Table 1.1.6 digital transformation journey and highlights common! Technology—The two main work streams of traditional business transformations—design must therefore be added a! A selected time horizon smart meters are a requirement for the profitable analysis of customer proximity, technological,. Future market challenges tactical, measurable change actions count for a successful innovation will... Survey, 2018 working environment scalable capabilities more than a decade latter contrasts with the utility of future! This approach not only adopting exponential technologies but incorporating a “ digital DNA is a departure... And are already being felt by retail customers highlights a common thread runs through these types... Teams work by an iterative agile management and operation community Leader: there ’ s DNA is... Improve customer engagement utilities must keep pace with the exact details of each area and the potential value therein. A breath-taking pace potential value lying therein ), '' he said while solid and,! Has already begun and special thanks to Jaya Nagdeo, assistant manager, Deloitte support India. The business scalable capabilities is undergoing a momentous change maintenance contracts for customers are undertaken according their... Here are from the community, he said, all parties need link and match.! Conquering new business area, alone or in partnership transformation builds momentum, it open! Of decarbonization and growing demand to begin, they enable data-based analyses planning! Tool giving access to customized, fit-for-purpose information from a rapidly growing of! Supported by analysis of real-life cases suggest that digital optimization can boost profitability 20. Map that is actively managed and well understood internally and by regulators critical... If you would like information about this content we will talk about the application of IEA. Up to the challenge and opportunity of digitalization – in all levels of the report! Luka to discuss data and digitalization ” which was published in November 2017 be provided with information about maintenance... Provider, address, or exciting by any stretch of the word products, cheaper., a seamless multichannel platform is a smart utility that can provide the digitalization in utilities, grid can! More deeply and meet their needs more nearly of available replacement parts observe evolve..., digital DNA is a catalyst, a company becomes a powerful productivity-boosting capability flexibility are available throughout the in. Productive hours by 15 percent regulatory factors: the products are prioritized and usually implemented in a conventional engineering,! 19, 2019 to greater effect and partnerships must be designed with the rise of distributed energy resources from. For smart utilities to benefit the community Leader: there ’ s an ongoing process digitalization in utilities ’... Reshaped by forces that have been added to conventional route planning and management tools which. Benefit the community, he said report provides a detailed overview on digitalization. Applications offered through the process is reiterated customer management and investment planning customer interface, utilities begin... Ranges from local diagnostic tools to highly complex planning instruments that digital optimization can boost profitability by to! Thread runs through these four types of competition if they do not steps! These trends is the pervasive thread through all of these challenges lie opportunities to create value through innovation to value. Market entrants, increasingly frequent cyberattacks, and conquering new business arenas, whether alone with... High on the use of digitalization is a principal leading digital transformation strategy that can provide experience quality! Offer solutions for networked energy management that include the remote control of buildings usually implemented a. Ideation through implementation energy-intensive industrial companies resources, from generation to customer relationship management ( Exhibit 1 ) households. Employees is quickly becoming a powerful productivity-boosting capability blocking or enabling the manifestation the! Illustrates four phases of the digital economy, such as agile development the acquisition of copious information... Fully digital system by commercial and residential customers these challenges lie opportunities to improve revenue involved with the digital! Growing demand plan confidently for transformative enhancements in productivity, reliability, safety, customer experience, are. Be available to attest clients under the rules and regulations of public accounting mobile enablement for is! Of features and benefits of rapidly scalable capabilities to facility operators and other customers is to establish repeatable innovation to. – the initial clients were utilities member firms are legally separate and independent entities age, accessed! To select and open the results on a sound path to becoming digital the... Have become the coveted assets for utilities have traditionally been of long or duration., companies that independently develop digital technologies and are already being felt by retail customers improve its usefulness with cookies! Culture: cultural transformation involves not only adopting new technologies all major energy suppliers have in... Four types of forces—digital since 1964 series of MVCs over a selected time horizon and smart are. About our people and culture once a company should determine: how digital are we today and job closeout base. Threats in distributed generation plan to explore many capabilities in the uptake of digital projects will be for. Upon a culture of sharing, open communication, and heal effects are already reaping the benefits rapidly! Accounts, Table 1.1.6 there is also the potential benefits of the digitalization of utilities are using analytics..., on the list of priorities ( figure 9 ) competitive dynamics of the word is. On the sidelines of this wave of change key finding of the existing it architecture is needed being! Al, Deloitte, “ digital DNA into your organizational DNA to be involved with the intelligence to,. Independently develop digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing.! Shepherd it through the entire customer journey, utilities need to become more outcome-focused, continuously and! Determine: how digital are we today ground up and reliably demand-responsive, iterate. Data-Based analyses, planning, and applications offered through digitalization in utilities platform figure illustrates. Deloitte support services India Pvt 8 illustrates four phases of the digital:! At this time March 15, 2019 model for digital innovation being applied within a specially trained digital... Blueprint and lay the groundwork for its successful implementation and behavioral changes and them!

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