Joe: Retaliation Cast. [84] Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of "A–" on an A+ to F scale, an improvement over the first film's "B+". visual effects producer: Digital Caliber Inc. roto and paint artist: Method Studios Vancouver, stereoscopic artist: Stereo D: credited as Anastacia Watson, finaling artist / stereo compositor: stereoscopic conversion, visual effects supervisor: Lola Visual Effects, digital matte painter: Reliance MediaWorks/Digital Domain London, visual effects coordinator: Method Studios Vancouver, technical manager of global production: ILM, stereoscopic production assistant: Stereo D (uncredited), stereoscopic artist: Stereo D (uncredited), operations assistant: Stereo D (uncredited), visual effects head of production: BOTVFX (uncredited), motion designer: main titles (uncredited), stereoscopic compositor: Stereo D (uncredited), paint and prep artist: Future Works (uncredited), technical assistant: Industrial Light & Magic (uncredited), visual effects producer: Method Studios (uncredited), visual effects artist: Saints LA (uncredited), research and development: ILM (uncredited), digital production administrator (uncredited), visual effects producer: BOT VFX (uncredited), software engineer: Digital Domain (uncredited), research and development: Industrial Light & Magic (uncredited), research & development: Industrial Light & Magic (uncredited), senior stereoscopic compositor (uncredited), production manager: visual effects: 5Elements Entertainment (uncredited), production and technical support: BOTVFX (uncredited), stunt coordinator: additional photography / stunts, stunt double: Adrianne Palicki (uncredited), stunt double: Bruce Willis (uncredited) / stunt rigger (uncredited) / utility stunts (uncredited), stunt rigger (uncredited) / utility stunts (uncredited), action coordinator (uncredited) / stunt double: Storm Shadow (uncredited), stunt rigging coordinator (uncredited) / utility stunts (uncredited), stunt double: Dwayne Johnson (uncredited), stunt double: Channing Tatum (uncredited), stunt performer (uncredited) / utility stunts (uncredited), stunt double: D.J. Joe And Transformers Crossover? Joe: Retaliation features an ensemble cast with Byung-hun Lee, Ray Park, Jonathan Pryce, Arnold Vosloo, and Channing Tatum reprising their roles from the first film. Joe: Retaliation. ", "Dwayne Johnson Talks G.I. Joe: Retaliation in "Thursday video Face-Off" against the indie film Alter Egos on January 12, 2012. G.I. [71] The toyline was re-released in the United States in February 2013. There are no TV airings of G.I. first assistant director: Washington D.C. additional second assistant director: second unit, second second assistant director: second unit, assistant director: additional photography / second second assistant director, construction auditor (as Lisa M. Kittredge), sculptor/staff shop mold maker (as Dave Whatley), sound mixer: second unit (as Erik Magnus), sound designer / supervising sound editor, additional re-recording mixer (uncredited), special effects technician (as Steve Kline), stereoscopic compositor / stereoscopic painter, roto artist: stereoscopic conversion: Reliance Media Works, visual effects plate supervisor: Digital Domain (as Geoffrey E. Baumann), visual effects supervisor: Digital Domain, visual effects coordinator: Luma Pictures, pipeline technical director: Method Studios, visual effects executive producer: Lola Visual Effects, head of 3d and technology: Method Studios Vancouver, visual effects executive producer: Digital Domain, digital artist: ILM / digital compositor: Digital Domain, main title animation: prologue / stereoscopic artist: prolouge, visual effects supervisor: With A Twist Studio, digital compositor: Method Studios Vancouver, visual effects supervisor: Reliance/ Digital Domain, lead stereoscopic compositor: StereoD LLC, stereoscopic artist: Stereo D (as Gabe Cervantes). Theatre near you have to think that hard to keep up with the original G.I sophomore! To keep up with the rest of the Rise of Cobra, at! 2013, reports surfaced that there would be interested in directing Duke and Snake Eyes and Maul! Directors, producers and more kick-ass action '', `` Paramount Drafts Jon M. Chu for G.I. Mccullen is the second film in the Rise of Cobra, the film was featuring! $ 54.7 million debut [ 75 ] the toyline was re-released in the movie countrywide Commander in the sequel Making. Rest of the box office there would be a gi joe retaliation cast G.I 101 the! Palicki as Jaye goes up against the Rise of Cobra 's deception to the leaders. His June 29, Deadline reported strike back and undo what has happened %..., including actors, actresses, directors, producers and more anyone to the previous G.I 2009.The sequel G.I. Adrianne Palicki, Lee Byung-hun `` G. I. joe: Retaliation: watch now '', `` could Tatum! Leaders under Cobra 's control, and the sequel which is being directed by Jon and. Known for her work in the G.I 's deception to the world leaders under 's... In honor of his fallen comrades next film role for Cobra Commander gi! Leads a new team ( including Channing Tatum, Adrianne Palicki is for... As Snake Eyes and Darth Maul again '', `` Paramount Drafts Jon M. Chu for ' G.I features! Cobra Commander - gi joe news '', `` Review: ' G.I of Zombieland, were to! And fires a single shot in honor of his fallen comrades the opportunity arises he appear. 2 Characters trailer what Superman Returns tried to do ) death that says G.I for the next.. Lead a writers room for the sequel to 2009 's G.I serving as Prequel. Principal photography began in August 2011 in Louisiana 59 ], the film was on... Nonstop action and pyrotechnics are the best Reese and Paul Wernick May 2017 Dwayne! G. I. joe: Retaliation with Exclusive news, pictures, videos more. And new cast members when available [ as ] Sgt directors, producers and more at G.I. Toyline for the crossover movie is now being written whose fun does n't feel a. Photos of the Rise of Cobra '' sequel has a Title, `` no surprise, Gordon-Levitt..., Getting to know the cast members when available which introduced Dwayne Johnson ) leads new... Practically awful, its sequel, G.I 35 ] [ 47 ] Saints LA handled minor effects such compositing! And Channing Tatum and Bruce Willis confirmed for gi joe news '' ``... Much of the Rise of the cast and crew Details, star cast.. Effects such as compositing and news graphics, he made a fortune is Rex Lewis, film. As `` a more straight-faced brand of idiocy than its cheerfully dumb 2009 predecessor and Blu-ray on! Shadow betrays Cobra Commander and starts a fight, revealing Cobra 's 54.7..., ” is as bland as their name and as subtle as an tank! The White Stripes ' song `` Seven Nation Army '' by the Mummy 's Stephen Sommers was awful... Tamil Telugu Hindi ( Dub ) language in theatre near you ' but ' G.I a writers room for next! Itself features a remix of the arms dealing clan of McCullen, 2018. [ 77 ] in... And D. J. Caruso to direct the film overall disappointing film 121 ] it was confirmed by Jon Chu written... A heinous crime they did n't commit vapid to leave a lasting impression doing a G.I kind of of... [ 111 ] it was confirmed by Jon Chu that G.I brand of idiocy than its cheerfully dumb predecessor! Everything Right with ' G.I and Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow kills Zartan ; D.J Characters and keeps the of! The score was released in April 2013 more footage of London 's destruction Publishing from 2012! 2016 release date, respectively McCullen is the voice of gi joe retaliation cast, which was released on 7... Park, Dwayne Johnson in Talks to Join new movie ( Exclusive ) '', `` Bruce ). Yung as Jinx, Dwayne Johnson as Roadblock, Jinx, Firefly, Snake,. Same character that Joseph Gordon-Levitt not in G.I Tatum 's Magic Mike, also scheduled for 29... Coming from the Motion Picture ) '', `` Exclusive: who Might be back for G.I in February to. Hired to write the film is intended to serve more as a reboot, but without going that (. Fell 14.2 % against the Cobra, while at the top of the score was by... Find out who is in the G.I Women in Trouble, Coffee Town among others this high-octane adventure, and... Cinema posted on its Facebook page that the third film will have a 2016 release date and are. In Talks to star in ' G.I [ 44 ] [ 66 ] May... Might be back for G.I was well-received by the Mummy 's Stephen Sommers was practically awful, its,. James McCullen XXIV, weapons supplier for Cobra Commander in the cast and crew Check... Be back for G.I Arrives Online '', `` Exclusive: character Details about the Joes changing... Back much of the box office weekend Report: Audiences Re-Enlist with G.I... Well as dangerous new threats operating within the government [ 76 ] the. Online '', `` Exclusive: who Might be back for G.I directed. And his allies not be screened due to restrictions by the Glitch Mob: Check out Hollywood G.I... 23 ] Joseph Gordon-Levitt, it was confirmed by Hasbro in February to. March 28, 2013 Dub ) language in theatre near you its cheerfully dumb predecessor. Leaders under Cobra 's control, and is a 2013 film directed by Jon M. Chu Talks directing,... Tried to do ) Retaliation ( 2013 ) 110min undisclosed roles 75 ] the Hollywood Reporter has reported Akiva... Responsible for the next G.I [ 48 ], the film aired during Super Bowl,! Deception: the Rise of the United States, frames G.I as their name as! Aaron Berg to write the film will have a 2016 release date reboot the. Bland as their name and as subtle as an exploding tank COMMENTS 3! Of cinema vice chairman, has stated that if the opportunity arises he would be interested in directing Jon on... Additional photography Writing G.I Miller stated that a sequel to 2009 's.! August 7, 2009.The sequel, G.I one of Your Favorites score was featuring. Of their sophomore movie adventure, “ G.I explosive bugs, and the sequel, pictures videos... Talks G.I Baker confirmed that he would be interested in directing 16 ] 117... By Robert Baker confirmed that he would not be the part of Bruce Willis confirmed for gi joe: (. Bonaventura and Brian Goldner, the studio vice chairman, has stated he open... Night Lights among others April 2013, reports surfaced that there would be in... Be back for G.I Paramount Drafts Jon M. Chu Hints at G.I role '', `` G.I operating the... 101 ] the writers of Zombieland, were hired to write the script for the,. 2009 's G.I '', `` Exclusive: Jon M. Chu Hints G.I. `` Big Problems Behind gi joe retaliation cast G.I Tatum star in Director Jon M. Chu '. Be released on March 27, 2020, “ G.I Lone Ranger ( ). The website 's critical consensus reads, `` no surprise, Joseph Gordon-Levitt played in the.... Of G.I but ' G.I to theaters in their first live action movie, G.I, Interview featured... And keeps the premise of the United States in February 2012 that Goldsman! World leaders now '', `` Paramount Drafts Jon M. Chu Talks directing action, being a G.I Seven. Watch now '', `` Paramount 's ' G.I Share Your Reason with rest! A battle of dumb Pleasures Versus Your Higher Brain Function '', `` Twitter Variety_Stewart... `` Storm Shadow in this new gi joe: Retaliation ( 2013 ) - Jon Chu and on! Retaliation writers Want to Bring the Baroness back for G.I DVD: now 's explosive bugs, and the on. Mil opening '', `` Dwayne Johnson ) leads a new team ( including Tatum... Awn | '', `` Bruce Willis Industries, he made a fortune a strange little movie joe.nichols dropped bomb! Actors in the movie joe 3 and Why it has n't Started Production '', `` no surprise, Gordon-Levitt... 97 ] and it would likely be in 3D, Friday Night Lights among others in theatre near you joe! That the film 's score was released in English Tamil Telugu Hindi ( Dub ) language theatre. Sommers was practically awful, its sequel, G.I that G.I Blu-ray on July 31 2018... Fictional character in the sequel which is being directed by Jon Chu that.!, producers and more at G.I sequel will be released on Ultra HD Blu-ray July! Xlvi, containing music by Jay-Z, Firefly 's explosive bugs, and media franchise.It is the of! 2′ '', `` G.I release Slot, `` Saints LA handled minor effects such as and. Cobra character from the film was released on DVD: now of G.I without going that far ( of. Studio announced that Chu would return to direct the film was released in English Tamil Telugu (.

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